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Organic Cake Mixes

Indulge in the Sweetness of Homemade Delights with our newest Organic Cake Mixes! 🍰✨

Welcome to the heartwarming world of Apron Heroes, where the joy of baking takes center stage. Our premium, organic cake mixes are crafted with love and care, ensuring that every delightful creation is a moment to cherish.

Whether you're an experienced baker or just getting started, our mixes make it easy to whip up mouthwatering cakes that your family and friends will adore.

Dive into a world of sweet possibilities, and let your baking journey begin! Click below to explore our range of flavors and find your perfect match.🌟 🍰

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  • Adventurous Vanilla
  • Courageous Chocolate
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All Your Baking Needs In One Place

We Make Baking Fun, Easy & Clean. From organic cake mixes to decorating tools. We got you.

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We have more then 5k 5 STAR Reviews

Our Customers Are The Sweetest

Sharon L. Roberts

Dippin Donut non stick silicone donut pan

The price was reasonable. Personally I like cake donuts without glaze. This pan is perfect for making baked cake donuts. Very easy to use and clean.I bough this to make my own cake donuts that can be glazed or unglazed, since I cannot find them locally.


Best ones I have tried

Sturdy and stackable. High quality product. Worked perfect for an order of 8 dozen cupcakes. Was able to stack multiple with no issues and lids clicked onto bottoms very easily. Will be ordering more in the future!

Lily Luxxe

Easy to Use, Great Quality, Love the Extras

Item was very easy to use and delivered on time.It was packaged very nicely and I was surprised with the additional items I received with the kit (I probably didn't read that it came with it, as I was in a rush to get the item, but it was still a nice surprise).

Jessica colon

My daughter love it

It was a birthday gift to my daughter on 2/14 /2022 . she loves to bake and this was perfect for her as a gift .. thank you ..

Caroline Gold

Makes the doughnut process way easier!

I loved their fast shipping, their cute packaging and them including a doughnut dough recipe. Plan on trying a new doughnut recipe soon and will update my review afterwards.


Perfect Cupcake Containers!

I have purchased these cupcake containers twice now for different cupcake orders. They hold the cupcakes securely in place, have enough room to pipe a tall swirl, the tops snap on securely but are still easy to get off, and they stack on top of each other. I will absolutely use these again.

Susan K.

Baking must have

This is the second one i purchased as a gift. They work well and were well received. Any home baker would love one of these. My daughter makes giant fill cupcakes for everyones birthdays.. so much fun! Great for gift giving!

Jessica S.

Make these for coworkers

We tried to bake the cake in these mold. We found that going with the cake, icing mixture worked better. Loved how the turned out. Everyone loved the look and taste!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship?

We strive to ship as fast as possible. If you select standard FREE shipping you can expect it to ship and be delivered within 3-5 business days (depends on your state). If you upgrade to PREMIUM shipping it can be as fast as 2-3 days.
Have a sweet day.

What type of batter do I have to use?

To make things easier, we recommend using our Organic Cake Mix or any traditional store bought boxes of cake mix. Just add butter or oil, egg and water. Super easy.

;) Life is what you make it! So bake it sweet.

How long does it take to bake?

It all depends on your oven. It usually only takes 15-20 min. It is important to test after 10 minutes by placing a toothpick into the steam holes. And repeat after every 5 minutes until the toothpick comes out clean. Great things comes to those who bake!!!

Why shouldn't I just buy them from a store?

There’s nothing worse than preheating the oven for an order only to realize that you forgot to go to the store for containers. Or frosting cupcakes realizing you’re out of piping bags. That never happens to our Members. We keep them stocked up on ready to go containers — and anything else they might need in the kitchen.

Plus our containers are the strongest, sturdiest disposable containers with interlocking lids and can't be found in stores.

Can you put these containers in the freezer?

Yes. Unless you have cupcake eating alien ninjas in there, YES, these are freezer safe.

A Portion of Profits Are Donated To End Child Hunger in the USA

We Donated Over 25,000 Meals

Our company is known for helping busy parents make delicious, healthy and exciting desserts through fun & easy BIY (Bake It Yourself) Kits.

But we are most proud of our core mission - to end child hunger and Bake the World the Sweeter Place.

Thanks to your participation and patronage, we donate a portion of all profits to American child hunger relief foundations.

By being an Apron Hero you're joining a movement of parents, teachers, bakers, and community leaders with a shared belief: no kid in America should go hungry.

So turn your cape around into an apron, preheat the oven, and lets Bake the World a Sweeter Place.